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4993Re: dead; update

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  • bnancarrow
    Feb 9, 2007
      --- In bmwe28@..., "bnancarrow" <blaken@...> wrote:
      > First thing I'm going to check is for good ground from battery
      > negative terminal into the chassis.

      Update on dead car.

      Went out this morning at around 7:30am. Unlocked driver door with
      key. Heard the solenoids in the other doors weakly move. Hmmm.
      Power to the rest of the car.

      Key in ignition. Turned to the ON position. Everything lit up as per
      usual, clock, instrument cluster idiot lights, etc.

      Fired motor. It started immediately! Woo hoo.

      Turned on lights SLOWLY. First click, to running lights or marker
      lights only. Everything OK. Next click to front headlights. Car
      shut down!

      Turned off. Tried to restart. Nothing!

      I'm baffled. What does this mean?
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