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5004Check Control

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  • Rick
    Feb 17, 2007
      I seem have a problem with my check control. I recently replaced the motor
      with another and the sump was different. On this one the oil level sensor is
      through the side, not from underneath as the previous one. While at the
      wreckers yesterday getting an oil cooler off an E23 I noticed it had the
      same sensor, so I got that as well. Anyway, since putting this motor in, the
      check control for the oil level has been constantly on. Thinking the sensor
      was no good, I replaced it with the one from the wreck and it's still the
      same. I have put an ohmmeter onto the single terminal and to earth and it
      seems to be working OK (open with the 'float' down and 0.8 ohms up). I know
      that the oil level warning is meant to stay in the computer until it is
      topped up. Am I missing something here? What I can't figure out is there is
      2 wires going to the sensor from the harness, but the sensor only has one
      spade terminal on it. I have checked the wiring diagrams for both 528 and
      735 and they are exactly the same for the check control. I also have a
      problem with the check control for the number plate lights coming on but
      they are not blown, but that's a minor irritation compared to the oil level.
      By the way, according to RealOEM, the E23 I got the oil cooler off was an
      07/1981 735i. It has a BBS spoiler on the rear and on the boot it says SE
      735i. I haven't heard of an SE model. Is it anything special?



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