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  • doug dykaar
    Feb 22, 2007
      Sounds like more than one problem. Does the car crank?
      If no crank, then check battery terminals, battery ground connection and the
      wiring at the starter, all for lossness, and/or corrosion.
      If it cranks, check the fuel pump relay, using a jumper wire.

      clutch pedal can be leaky slave and or clutch master, or air in the line. If
      you can get the car in neutral, you can solve the no start first.
      The other cause of the clutch pedal to the floor, is the pedal frame cracks
      and allows the assembly to flex instead of actuating. Its a bitch to remove
      the car from the pedal frame (requies getting your head in the footwell),
      but $20 to have a welder repair it once its out. The pedal frame failure is

      At least your garage is heated. I'm off to rebuild a frozen brake caliper,
      here in southern Ontario Canada. Feh.


      Waterloo, Ontario Canada, eh

      85 535
      86 951 (http://www.pcaucr.org/forum/post.jsp?postid=2393)
      94 855 turbo
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