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  • Blake Nancarrow
    Mar 12, 2007
      528e fans...

      The old girl is dying. I can't seem to repair her fast enough... Just
      put new tires on the beast but sprung a leak. Battled with rusty and
      thinwalled fuel lines last weekend and got her running again. For now.

      Ready to swap in the new front left wheel hub. I'll install the new
      lower control arm at the same time. Then new tie rods. Assuming
      nothing else breaks this week.

      At 564000 kilometres and many harsh Canadian winters and a lot of abuse
      on race tracks, I think this might be the last winter.

      Dry those eyes, chins up! I am foolishly considering a replacement of,
      yes, the same vintage. But I'd like to find a "clean" car, meaning

      I'm starting to check the AutoTrader.com for E28 cars. I have two 1984
      528e cars now so a fair number of parts...

      The 535 is an option but not my first choice; M5 is out of my snack
      bracket. Mileage is not really critical. Colour not important. Paint
      condition not important. Manual; not automatic. Sunroof would be nice
      (did they all have that?). Seat condition not important. Chassis,
      floorboards, shock towers needs to be very free of rust. Dents and
      scratches OK but panels should be in good overall shape.

      All of you in Texas and Florida and Missouri and parts south (i.e. road
      salt free)? Maybe you can keep an eye out. If you know of a wrecker
      with a good car with blown engine... Someone selling their old baby.
      Or a barn car. I'll take good care of it.

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