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5025Advice on exhaust

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  • phatbimma
    Mar 18, 2007
      hi there

      Im running a uk 87 525e and recently the back box or rear silencer
      has started to blow. I have noticed that the only thing that holds up
      this piece apart from the connection to the mid silencer is a bracket
      on a rubber ring. This i think explains the fact that the join from
      the pipe to said silencer has perished.

      I have another car for spares, a 520i, and on that the tailpipe has
      also got a bracket attached to it, rendering the whole of the rear
      silencer absolutely stable and not putting pressure on the join that
      has perished on my 525e.

      I am wondering if this is a common remedy, do other people have this
      problem, and also if there is a BMW standard fix/bracket for this job
      or will it be a DIY job as it seems the previous owner has attempted
      on the 520i?

      All advice gratefully appriciated as always,


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