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5077Re: [bmw e28] Re: Unleaded Fuel Compatibility

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  • Nico Visser
    Jul 11, 2007
      Hi there, unleaded has only been on the market officially for about three years now, my beemer does not have a cat converter and the access point to the fuel tank can accommodate the big fuel nozzle.
      Don't know how to find out or where to find out as to whether the enjin has been built to accommodate unleaded fuels?


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      does south africa use leaded gas ? I'm in the states, all cars have been using unleaded
      gas since 1976, I think..? It's my guess that an 86 vehicle would have been designed to
      run on unleaded fuel (?)

      1. Does it have a catalytic converter ?

      2. also cars using unleaded have a smaller fuel inlet, which doesn't allow the larger
      leaded style nozzle to insert

      any of this sound familiar ??

      regards nutty

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      > I have a 1986 520i and can not find any useful information as to the
      > cars compatibility to unleaded fuel.I stay in South Africa.Can anybody
      > help?

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