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5099Re: [bmw e28] Re: E28 electric fan setup

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  • Ed MacVaugh
    Aug 16, 2007
      You seem to have your mind made up and nobody is going to change it.

      If your logic worked, then BMW would certainly be using all electric
      fans in the current models. They are not. They are using electric water
      pumps . . . but not all electric fans.

      The main reason most manufacturers have gone to electric fans is that
      the viscous clutch is expensive and heavy, but mostly because the
      majority of cars sold are front wheel drive with a side mounted engine.
      In those cars, a two fan setup is easier and cheaper for the
      manufacturer than a side mounted radiator or right angled fan.

      Because the engineering crew at BMW chose a combined electric
      fan/mechanical fan setup for the air conditioned cars, and it works, no
      one can justify developing an all electric setup for an E28.

      Nobody but you would buy it.

      Google "spal" if you want to fabricate your own.


      David Rodriguez wrote:
      > I've read alot of forums about this and I can't believe that people
      > generally think that a mechanical fan is better.
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