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5101Re: [bmw e28] Re: E28 electric fan setup

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  • Ed MacVaugh
    Aug 17, 2007

      I didn't mean to suggest that the electric setup wouldn't work. Quite
      the contrary, I believe it would work well. Non-A/C euro cars were sold
      by the thousands with only the electric fans.

      The problem with the use of the electric fans in that era cars was that
      a loss of the fan wasn't immediately detectable by the driver, nor the
      ECU. The ECU would happily continue to feed fuel and spark to the engine
      if it were melting. The driver's first indication of the fan failure was
      generally a high water temp situation, which required monitoring of that
      water temp gauge. If that failed, or if the driver had his sunglasses
      on, was inattentive, or tried to get home before it got hotter . . .

      I left my 6er idling outside my apartment to keep it cool one afternoon
      with a failed aux fan and cracked the head.


      Steve Haygood wrote:
      > I ran nothing but the AC condenser electric fan fan on 2 BMW cars for years,
      > a highly modified 79 635 and a 83 533 in Ga heat , car would get to about
      > 5/8th of gauge, fan would come on and engine would cool off. I considered
      > adding an additional fan, but decided it wasn't required. Just my
      > observation
      > Steve
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