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5116Re: [bmw e28] Dreaded metric alloys!

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  • john holst
    Sep 1, 2007
      Hi wheel worries,
      Try talking to your local alloy wheel supplier you may be surprised he will be able to match up your car with matching 15" or 16" sizes.
      The combo I put on my car ( 16"x 7" wheels) with 205 / 55 / 16" tires.
      this maintains the same overall dia. But with use of cheaper imperial tires.
      John From Oz.

      bmxbandit78 <bmxbandit78@...> wrote:
      Hi, anyone know where I can get a decent set of imperial alloys for my
      new 528i? (currently running on a mint set of metric alloys, but you
      know the price of tyres for them!) I'm after the usual bbs-style either
      14"s or 15"s. E-bay has come up lacking and i'm trying not to break the
      bank. Cheers

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