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5136Re: Car Overheating?

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  • pld1952
    Sep 23, 2007
      Let it cool down, like overnight, then refill to proper level. Close
      cap and start it, Hold above 3000 rpm (with defrost on full and temp
      on full hot) till the temp comes up near normal and hot air is coming
      out the defrost ducts. Turn it off let it sit till it cools again
      then refill and test drive. Recheck coolant level after the test
      drive You could also have a headgasket problem over pressuring the
      system with combustion pressure.

      Phil Davis

      --- In bmwe28@..., "Bennie" <princeben7@...> wrote:
      > Replaced the thermostat and car is still trying to overheat, even
      > turning the heater temp control in the max heat position and
      > bleed screw.
      > Any suggestions of whats causing this and / or solutions???
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