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5161Onboard Computer Programming

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  • David
    Oct 21, 2007
      G'Day again,

      My 535i's onboard computer does not work. It does have power to it,
      but it just show's garbage across the screen. The guy I bought it from
      said it does work but needs to be "Programmed." He indicated he
      ordered the instructions from Germany, but they would not be in for
      some time, and the ones available to him were in German only.

      1) Is this true, the computer has to be programmed?
      2) If so, is there some instructions available in "English" that could
      help me get it running correctly?
      3) If you need more information, just let me know what you need...

      David B
      1986 BMW 535i
      119,000+ Miles
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