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5179Re: [bmw e28] Re: Heat and lots of it

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  • Agent Midnight
    Oct 25, 2007
      I have a question for all of you regarding my
      e28, 1986 528e. I have some ideas about this but am looking
      for others input/ideas to help narrow things down. I have
      heard about people geting no heat or little heat. My problem now is that I get all heat and nothing but heat regardless if I have the Temp. control knob all the way to the left or right.
      What should I check first and has this happen to any one else.
      Thankfully I can just use the outside air vent to regulate the air to keep things cooler. I also just had a new radiator put in and thermostat. The Temp. guage works (goes to the red if the hose blows(found that out before the new radiator ;-) ) and sits all the way to the left when the car is off HOWEVER it never sits straight up in the middle like I have read in some manuals it should. The mechanic says it's "ok" like that.

      Not sure if any of that is realated,

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