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5184Oil Pressure Light

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  • jforbey
    Oct 27, 2007
      I've got an e28; an '84 533i. It has always run excellent and though
      I've taken care of it I have come to an impasse. A couple of weeks
      ago I ran through high water.(about 12") I finally pushed it off of
      the street where the water ran high, attempted to start it and at
      first it did not. I guess water ran into the exhaust to kill it. The
      engine oil was changed as soon as I got home; as were the trans and
      rear end oils. Since then the oil light on the dash has been coming
      on sporatically. The valve seals are worn so I have to add oil quite
      often. Will the valve seals being worn reduce oil pressure? Another
      thing I wondered was did anyone have problems with the oil canister
      check valve sticking? Also I notice a clatter noise coming from the
      oil pump area. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not but generally at
      the same RPM and sometimes the noise corresponds to oil light flicker.
      Can the oil canister starve the pump for oil?

      Thanks Alot,

      John F. Forbey
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