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5192Re: [bmw e28] Oil Pressure light

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  • Gerald Paul
    10 Nov 06:03
      Check out the oil pressure switch on the back of the
      valve cover (near the firewall). If its wet with oil,
      its probably going bad.
      --- jforbey <jforbey@...> wrote:

      > I've got a '84 533i that runs well but has one
      > problem:
      > I dunno, car seems to run well with an occasional
      > clatter type noise
      > coming from engine...oil light will sometimes stay
      > on, then go out
      > when RPM increases, not turn on or just flicker
      > while engine running.
      > Is there any other reason why oil pressure light
      > will act like this?
      > Maybe oil drain-back plug in top of canister for
      > filter?
      > Has anyone else encountered this problem?
      > Thanks,
      > jforbey@...

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