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5193Re: Oil Pressure light

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  • Pete
    Nov 10, 2007
      --- In bmwe28@..., "jforbey" <jforbey@...> wrote:
      > I've got a '84 533i that runs well but has one problem:
      > I dunno, car seems to run well with an occasional clatter type noise
      > coming from engine...oil light will sometimes stay on, then go out
      > when RPM increases, not turn on or just flicker while engine running.
      > Is there any other reason why oil pressure light will act like this?
      > Maybe oil drain-back plug in top of canister for filter?
      > Has anyone else encountered this problem?
      > Thanks,
      > jforbey@...

      Hey jforbey,
      I would drain the oil and run a magnet through it to see if you find
      anything unusual. Also, tear open your oil filter and look in there for
      metal fragments too.

      Last weekend, a friend's '89 325ix was doing the same thing with the
      occasional clatter and oil pressure light flickering and when we
      drained the oil, we found little pieces of metal! They were just flakes
      and slivers... not chunks or big pieces.

      I thought it was something bad in the head, but a BMW master tech
      happened to be at the track when we were doing this and he thought it
      was a spun bearing.

      I know this is probably worst-case senerio, but if you find the same
      stuff in your oil, you might be looking at a new crankshaft.


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