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5195Idle mixture screw

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  • Richard
    12 Nov 00:45
      OK, pre '85 L-Jetronic 528i. Does anyone know if there is a baseline
      setting for the idle mixture screw? I had mine apart to sandblast the
      housing and can't remember how many turns it was. I have tried to tune
      it but I keep chasing my tail with timing settings and mixture
      settings. The problem is, the car is stalling when the accelerator is
      lifted ie. coming to lights. I can even replicate it while stationary,
      rev the engine and the revs will drop a lot lower than idle before
      picking up, sometimes it will stall, other times it will sit there and
      'hunt'. Has anyone done a full tune-up from scratch and what order -
      ignition timing, then idle mixture, then idle speed or what?
      Thanks in advance.