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5200Re:1986 bmw 528(e); m20; 56,000 miles

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  • doug dykaar
    Nov 26, 2007

      The heat is generated by resistance at the contacts.
      Heat is proportional to
      the current squared times the resistance, so for high
      current circuits like
      a fan, its key to avoid resistance. Clean out the old
      plastic and emery
      cloth (lightly sand) the contacts.

      If the contacts are loose (are they floppy loose, or
      just bent away from the
      correct position?), that needs to be fixed. The
      contacts need to press
      against the fuse contacts. You can make a temporary
      fix using a rubber band,
      but that will fail over time as the rubber gets old.
      You can probably remove
      the fuse box cover - after disconnecting ground at the
      battery, and see if
      the contacts for the fuse just warped from the heat or
      need to be replaced.
      Ypu may be able to bend themback without removing the
      cover, it'll depend on
      your tools, access and skill level. Be careful bending
      them too much as the
      bending causes the metal to "work harden" i.e. get
      brittle, and after a
      couple cycles, it'll break.



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