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5203help wont start

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  • chillaeus
    Jan 11, 2008
      I have a 1985 535i e28 and it has the m30 engine in it with obcII i
      have an issue with the battery dying and attempted to jump start the
      car. Not good i know now, well my OBC is thinking the car is being
      stolen and shut off the injectors and ower to the fuel pump so car
      turns over fine but no power or gas..... I have been reading and i saw
      somewhere that in th OBC relay under the dash there is a fuse that
      blows sometimes? i checked there is no fuse in the relay box. and can
      not figure out the code to reset the obc. i have disconnected the
      battery and then re connected it then pressed the code button on obc
      and i was told by dealer it shoudl count down form 15 minutews but
      never did that just turns over and no gas or spark now. PLease help me
      as this is my baby and my only transportation email me here or to my
      personal email please with any help chillmanz@...
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