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5219Re: [bmw e28] 528e injector remove/replace

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  • Joel T. Gonzalez
    Apr 5, 2008
      If you do have very large hands and to boot thick fingers I would think best to remove the intake plenium. It was a little difficult for me on my own 83 528e as I too have large hands but thin enough fingers. I do not know how similar the fuel rail with your car and my car are as it stands. Loosen the extremes of the fuel rail and lift up straight at different portions of the fuel rail with some type of lever that is thin preferably out of wood so that is does not mar the bottom areas of the fuel rail.
      Once you have one or two of the fuel injectors popped out as you are doing this the rest will pop out nicely either still held on to the fuel rail or seperated but stuck to their base. Make sure too that if you are going to replace, clean, or whatever process that if you do get any O-rings for the base and top of each injector that they are made out of Viton rubber material and not just rubber, or Buna type rubber as that material drys up with the agents in the gasoline along with the heat of the engine bay.

      I hope this helps,

      Joel González
      San Antonio, Texas.
      83 B.M.W. 528e

      skyfly44kk <skyfly44kk@...> wrote:
      Need some advice from someone who has removed and replaced the
      injectors on the 1988 528e. I have the green Bently 5 series manual
      that makes it seem simple, but i can not get my large hands to get
      under the tight area and complete this task. Would it be perhaps best
      to remove the intake to do this? Any advice is appreciated, as i do not
      want to damage anything.

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