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5222Re: Does anyone have a e28 528e engine management for sale?

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  • markie_markd
    Apr 18, 2008
      I have several ECUs, i live in California in the USA. The 528e used a
      couple ECUs, the numbers escape me but they were superceded by the
      green sticker 027, the 1988 model march-december of 87 production date
      used motronic 1.1 and the ECU ended in 154 with an orange sticker.
      I have a ton of each, and literally about 120 ECUs of various kinds.
      Let me know if you are interested, i usually ask 45+9 shipping but
      shipping would be a little extra for overseas, there is a flat rate 40
      dollar box that i use but thats probably more expensive than just
      shipping since is weighs next to nothing.

      Matt (markiemarkd@...)

      --- In bmwe28@..., "e28vidar" <vidar@...> wrote:
      > Hi y'all!
      > Since I don't live in the us these engine management units are very
      > hard to come by, so my only chance is to ask the members of this fine
      > group... The 528e was a North America issue only, and I'm not sure if
      > the 525e unit will fit, although it's the same engine. Even if it
      > fits, the 525e's were sold in very few numbers in Europe, so I think
      > it will be easiest for me to buy one from the US.
      > The car in question is a 86(january) 528e auto. So if anyone has a
      > working unit in good condition, please reply to this post! Please tell
      > me the part number so I can cross-check with the number in ETK.
      > Best Regards
      > e28Vidar
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