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5239HID Kits

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  • shophidxenon
    Jul 2, 2008
      Shop HID Xenon is a new company specializing in the sales of high
      intensity discharge conversion kits. We will also be selling a few car
      audio products sometime in the near future. Our HID kits are some of
      the best kits you can buy on the HID market, and we bring them to you
      for a remarkably low cost. If your looking to add a unique style to
      your car an HID kit is where to start. There are no modifying
      procedures necessary to secure the ballast, and the sealed ballasts
      included in our kits are water and dust proof We carry regular HID
      kits and replacement parts, such as bulbs, ballasts and special hid
      color bulbs. Everything included in our kits are guaranteed to be
      authentic and in brand new condition.

      * Lifetime: >3,000hrs
      * PLuminous flux: 2,550LM thats 3X halogen
      * Working temperature: -40 ~150°C
      * 30% less power consumption, thus generate much less heat during

      The Box includes

      2 Digital Ballasts
      2 Xenon Bulbs
      Zip ties
      2 Heavy duty heat resistant double sided self-adhesive pads
      2 Connector
      1 Year Warranty

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      Please Visit us @ http://www.shophidxenon.com