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5254L-Jet problems. Tricky one...

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  • Richard
    Jul 17, 2008
      Have a problem with my '82 E28 528i (Euro RH drive). The idle has been
      really erratic lately, have tried just about every idle problem cure I
      know with these L-Jets and the problem remains. I have finally traced
      it down to the brake pedal. Strange, yes? If the car is idling and I
      pump the brake pedal, the idle gets worse and worse until eventually
      (after about 10 pumps) it stalls. It seems like a vacuum problem to
      me, as the L-jet requires a near total vacuum seal or it won't run
      well ie. if you remove the oil cap with the engine idling, it will
      stall. I can't seem to find anywhere on the engine for a vacuum
      connection to the brake system. Remember, the R/H drive model has a
      different brake booster arrangement to the L/H drive model.
      Any ideas???
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