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5263Re: [bmw e28] e28 buying Advice

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  • oneshot179@aol.com
    Aug 24, 2008
      Look for a lux version

      it has all the extras whichever model you go for lux is the one

      late models are best 86 - 87

      make sure it does not have metric wheels

      check for corrosion around the rear subframe mounts

      feel for wheel vibration braking at 50 mph +

      check the air heater doesnt make a terriable noise

      check bumpers and chrome for holes corrosion dents difficult to obtain spares

      look carefully at interiors many high mileges will show on the seats

      look for one like mine with the 2 tone interior black and pearl beige,.
      rather than just black black black

      most lux versions have this 2 tone

      they also all have front fog lights and sports well tinted glass as shown

      Look for shadow line de chromed trim.

      look carefully in boot for corrosio around the rear wings and slam panel
      where boot sits


      best of luck hope this helps

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