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5277Re: [bmw e28] 1986 528(e) tautamtice ransmission problems

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  • brett peavey
    Jan 6, 2009
      that sucks dude, same thing happened to me. but i put in too much tranny
      fluid. I replaced the driveshaft 850.00 and had the tranny rebuilt for
      2300.00. probably be better to buy a parts car with a good tranny and have
      it swapped.

      On Tue, Jan 6, 2009 at 3:56 PM, sachida_raman <sraman@...> wrote:

      > last week had a coolant hose that broke...lost all coolant but luckily
      > pulled over and had car towed and got problem fixed.
      > A week later, went out of town which required some low speeds on trail
      > at camp (5 miles or so of driving). Later that day, car would not
      > engage and gears starting slipping and soon car would barely move.
      > Reverse worked fine though. Had car towed and repair shop says
      > transmission and drive shaft needs replacement. Is this feasable?
      > Any ideas? Second opinions? Ideas on getting it fixed cheapily (parts,
      > etc)?
      > Many thanks,
      > SACH

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