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5294Re: new guy,BIG question...

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  • bmwgascoigne
    Apr 11, 2009
      --- In bmwe28@..., "Roosevelt" <jrooseveltcarter@...> wrote:
      > ok,New in the group (thanks moderator!!)
      > Finally got my hands ona 524Td! Car is clean,and over the years the prior owner was so caring,he even documented the fuel,and cost every time he went to the station...since he bought the car in 85.
      > All looks good,and I have one issue stopping me in getting the lil' beast to start...I can't get the starter out!
      > I have been working on the e34,and e30s for about 3 years now..know the cars pretty well and can do almost anthing to a M20 engine,but this time I am stumped.
      > =Asides from being here and getting to have some good info. on alot of stuff for me down the road...I am wondering if any of you have any idea at what I should attempt to get this starter out of the car. It is the only thing stopping me from my twisted dream,of having a Td I own,and can drive.= I have tried modified wrenches,half moons,U-joint and extensions..still nothing,all I can get is either half the bolt head in the socket,or a wrench that will not turn because of the "fin" beside the bolt head itself.
      > Thanks!!
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