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5297Re: new guy,BIG question...

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    Apr 13, 2009
      Hi there newbie,
      With the E28s I usually just cut the car in half. Just Joking. IIRC,
      I think you might have to raise or lower the engine a bit. I am
      pretty sure you can use a set of extensions(lots,like 2 or 3 feet),
      wobbly socket, and you have to get it from way back over the tranny.
      It helps to have someone looking in the engine bay to get the socket
      on the nut. Dont hold me to any of this.....

      For humor, its true,I did once dismantle an e12 and cut the firewall
      out to get the engine
      and tranny apart. Good old days.

      Seriously, i would pose the question on the E30 list. There are some
      real fantastic people over there.



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