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5303Re: [bmw e28] Timing Belt on '82 - '88 528e

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  • Gil Thereault
    Apr 15, 2009
      Hello Bernie

        Pull the cover off and inspect the belt.  I do this with my 94 Honda every couple of years and it still looks good with the original belt at 115K
      check for cracking or serious deterioration, the teeth.   I had a Toyota Celica Belt fail at 55k, with half the teeth missing on the belt when it failed.  When I told the garage I was able to nurse the care home from Mid-Vermont to Hartford Connecticut, He looked at me with astonishment.  It was out of time but it got me home shy of 5 miles.  You call,  Don't do it you can toast the valves and consider the rest the of motor toast. Do it yourself and save some cash.  Just jump in there and do do it.  I have had my 1986 BMW 535i coming on 10 years and have yet to bring it to a short. I was able to think things out and fix it myself.  This is a great car car and love it.   This is a rust free car that spent at least ten years before coming to Connecticut and still is rust free.  I only drive it from April to October.

      Good Luck
      BMW 1986 535i 197k

      --- On Wed, 4/15/09, BENNIE LANE JR <princeben7@...> wrote:

      From: BENNIE LANE JR <princeben7@...>
      Subject: [bmw e28] Timing Belt on '82 - '88 528e
      To: bmwe28@...
      Date: Wednesday, April 15, 2009, 10:45 AM

      I was trying to see you all experience with Timing Belt change with money being tight! hee hee  One book (Haynes) says it should be change every 60k miles.  I was trying to get more mileage out of it but certainly don't won't it to break.  I'm already 6k over on the change at 60k intervals.  Is it really pushing it trying to go to 70k or 75k and then change???

      --- On Tue, 4/14/09, Larry R. <dallas_larry@...> wrote:

      From: Larry R. <dallas_larry@...>
      Subject: [bmw e28] 535is front air dam and trunk spoiler Dallas, TX Pick and Pull
      To: bmwe28@...
      Date: Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 9:07 AM


      Not sure if anyone else is close to Dallas, TX, but I was at the Pick n Pull junkyard and they have a white E28 with both the front air dam and the trunk spoiler still attached.

      I've seen people really dress up other models with these two items.

      I don't need them but figured if anyone was around and close, they might.


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