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  • Ross Bernie
    Jun 22, 2009
      Any members in the Sydney are wanting a 528i as a donor car are invited to contact me as I need to dispose of my car. Sadly it has blown a head gasket, which was the last straw. It is not in great shape - was recently side-swiped on the driver's side while parked on the street, the result was a long scratch with denting along the side as if a screwdriver had been used, and the passengers doors on the other side are also dented. It is largely rust-free - I am not aware of any rust. Before I purchased it 2 years ago, it had sustained front and rear damage which had been repaired. Otherwise, the bodywork is in reasonable condition.

      It is currently drivable - just, but I would be reluctant to drive a great distance in it in its present condition. Once delivered, it is my intention to remove the number plates and return them to the RTA.

      Please contact me before Friday 10th July 2009. If there is no interest, it will unfortunately have to go to the wreckers on the 11th July. It will be sadly missed as it has given me great pleasure driving it. Hopefully the replacement, a 1993 520i, will give me as much pleasure.