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5351528e dies at speed - can be freeway or just around the block

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  • Ron
    Feb 10, 2010
      My 1986 528e just goes dead. The engine dies and all the lights come in on the panel - ABS light and a few others. I replaced the in-tank fuel pump since I thought I was getting vapor lock. I am running on the penny drilled with a hole instead of the Idle Control Valve (ICV) so that is unhooked. All else though seems fine.

      Could a fried ICM be doing this to a running engine? I think not, does it not only control the ICV?

      I thought of replacing the relays, but I looked at some of them are $50.00. Could the old girl, 286,000, near the end. I just bought new tires for her thinking maybe I was going to push her over 300,000 miles.


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