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5353Re: [bmw e28] 528e dies at speed - can be freeway or just around the block

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  • Joel Gonzalez
    Feb 10, 2010
           Maybe your crank sensor or too your speed sensor(same part numbers X 2!) are starting to act up.  These start to break up as soon as their resistance starts to go up more than their specified parameters.  Usually these breakdown during the Summer time as the hotter weather fatigues them by increasing the resistance(heat).
            Give that a try.  It could be many things but start there as a pointer.
                                                                     Good luck,

      --- On Wed, 2/10/10, Ron <ronjkall@...> wrote:

      From: Ron <ronjkall@...>
      Subject: [bmw e28] 528e dies at speed - can be freeway or just around the block
      To: bmwe28@...
      Date: Wednesday, February 10, 2010, 10:57 AM


      My 1986 528e just goes dead. The engine dies and all the lights come in on the panel - ABS light and a few others. I replaced the in-tank fuel pump since I thought I was getting vapor lock. I am running on the penny drilled with a hole instead of the Idle Control Valve (ICV) so that is unhooked. All else though seems fine.

      Could a fried ICM be doing this to a running engine? I think not, does it not only control the ICV?

      I thought of replacing the relays, but I looked at some of them are $50.00. Could the old girl, 286,000, near the end. I just bought new tires for her thinking maybe I was going to push her over 300,000 miles.



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