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5381Re: [bmw e28] carbs

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  • Matt Rees
    Jun 3, 2010
      I can't blame you for wanting to do it, I prefer carbs to injection any day, especially twin choke webbers.Apart from the obvious problems like linkages for throttle etc, & manifold, you have the fact that the 3.5 engine runs on motronic, which controls the ignition timing, so you'd have to sort that out.Also fuel pressure, you would have to do away with the high pressure fuel pump & replace it with a normal electric lift pump, which would also require it's electrical feed from the ignition, as it will be fed from the motronic ECU at the moment.It's do'able, but lots of fiddly little problems to be sorted.Good luck, & let us know what it's like if you are successful.

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      Subject: [bmw e28] carbs
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      Date: Thursday, 3 June, 2010, 23:32


      Hello group, I have an 88 535i-has anyone tried putting carbs on these

      things? I got a redneck trying to convince me to do it, i trust my forum

      here to get a good answer

      thanks all


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