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5399Re: drive shaft noise

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  • genem2000
    Jul 13, 2010
      I haven't replaced a center support bearing or driveshaft on a 528e but I have on a 535is, 633, 635 and 733. You may have more clearance between your exhaust and driveshaft on the 528e, especially if you do not have the stock cat and exhaust.

      The first time I did the replacement, I tried to do it without removing the exhaust, but it became clear that the exhaust had to at least be lowered in the front to drop the driveline with the center support bearing.

      Ever since, I have removed the exhaust to get it out of the way and have clearance on both sides of the car. I put all four corners up on old rims to get a stable set up with access all around, and this frees up the floor jack to help lower and lift the exhaust.

      I think you are going to find that the dust shields on the front u-joint will be dried and cracked and is binding at least on one axis, and your splines may be worn. And it's usually a good time to replace the guibo and the mounting hardware. That's why I started buying the entire driveline from the dealer since it comes with everything and it will be balanced, and the cost isn't much more than getting a rebuilt once you figure in shipping costs and add the cost of a guibo and mounting hardware.

      If you go with replacing just the center support bearing, make sure you have a good parts supplier who will get you the correct one.

      You should have a Bentley's E28 manual and the proper tools before attempting this job. BMW exhausts and drivelines are not easily removed. Also, if you don't align the splines properly and preload the center support bearing, you may get a driveline vibration.

      Gene M.

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      yes correct its center support is shot can i replace by removing shaft w/o removing exhuast

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      It sounds to me like you are talking about the rubber surround on the driveshaft center support bearing.
      Do you have a Bentley's E28 manual?
      Gene M.
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