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5404E28 E12 parts FS- 3 ton truck full, 500 bucks OBO

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  • Art
    Jul 13, 2010
      I have 2 truckloads of E28 E12 parts I am unloading for 500 bucks. I am moving and need to get rif ot it. 5 good heads, intake 2 new e12 fenders,2 nice e28 gold fenders, 4 nice doors, 4 seats, generators, regulators, switches, lights, 5 bumpers, brakes, tons of little parts from stripping four cars, glove box locks, switches, brake parts, air condition parts, CPU or whatever they are called, 5 nice bumpers, impact strips, fender, door trim, 2 windsheids, a lot of stuff. the list goes on....
      here is the rub, I am an hour outside of Vancouver BC (sunshine coast)and I need it gone by friday...
      i wish somebody could use this stuff, its been all in dry storage for years and i really hate to send it to scrap metal.
      please forward this offer to wherever yo see fit,
      thanks gruppe
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