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5410Re: Flat spots--was Left hand drive disclaimer

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  • genem2000
    Jul 16, 2010

      What year, model, and transmission, and is it a U.S. car?

      Are the flat spots consistently at certain rpm's or random? Subtle or severe?

      Do you also get surging?

      How is your idle and what did your spark plugs look like when you changed them?

      Have you thoroughly checked for vacumn leaks and bled the air out of your cooling system?

      Have you checked your fuel pressure and delivery rate--new fuel filter?

      If you have a digital multimeter you can check the operation of the O2 sensor.

      Do you get any smoke out of the tailpipe at idle? No smell of coolant in the exhaust?

      Gene M.

      --- In bmwe28@..., brett peavey <brettpv9@...> wrote:
      > can anyone tell me why i am getting flat spots in my rev? I have new
      > cap&rotor, new plugs, new wires, new injectors, new exhaust, I run 93
      > octane, new tranny, new driveshaft, the only things left to replace is the
      > O2 sensor, and the Mass air flow box-
      > -brett
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