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5411Re: [bmw e28] center support replacement

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  • Larry R.
    Jul 16, 2010
      You will need to remove the drive shaft and yes you can simply replace the center support.

      However, because there is another "wear" part, the guibo which connects the drive shaft to the transmission is a good thing to replace at the same time.

      It depends on if you have more time than money because at some point in time the guibo will wear out also.

      To replace that center support, you will need to "split" the drive shaft. I've done that and if you don't mark both ends so that the splines inside line up exactly the way they were, you will unbalance the driveshaft.

      It also needs to be the same length and that is the hardest part. When I did mine, I felt I needed 3 extra hands trying to do this. Here in Dallas there is a place that will do this for 50 bucks and make sure it is balanced (you provide the part) but I succeeded on my own.

      You will need the Bentley to get this done. I also had a Haynes for some additional points and photos.

      Good luck, it is not hard, just time consuming and hopefully you're not ADD like i am!

      Dallas, TX USA