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758Re: An E32 is just too tempting

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  • r_welfare
    Apr 27, 2002
      --- In bmwe28@y..., jay528ise1985 <no_reply@y...> wrote:

      > It's a 1985 B 528i SE, Alpine White, Anthracite Cloth, MOT til end
      > 9/02, had Inspection 1 last october @ BMW dealer, just had Oil
      > (Dad did it with genuine BMW filter), original alloys with 4 very
      > tyres (The fronts are proper trx that cost over £300! Rears are
      > Avons), Kenlowe fan, Clifford Concept 50 alarm/immobiliser, New
      > Kenwood stereo, new owner's handbook that I've just bought, loads of
      > little things have been done to it. The rear bumper is shot really,
      > bodywork good overall, not perfect.
      > I'm aware that I won't get what I've spent on her back but that's
      > the point, I've enjoyed her. Is around £700 too much?

      Seems about right. I paid £650 two weeks back for my car, an 85/C
      528i manual with 149k on the clock but a full service history, and 10
      months MOT plus tax to end of July. Condition-wise my car is really
      nice, the only downsides being rust on one jacking point, and a worn
      driver's seat, plus a few other small foibles.

      The guy I bought it from (top chap, by the way) had it advertised on
      eBay and also the BMW Car Club website. That's probably not a bad way
      to advertise (it's the way I advertised my last car) - just make sure
      you add a caveat on the eBay auction to say the car is advertised
      elsewhere so that if you close the auction early if you've sold the
      car, the bidders don't get too upset (I've been there!). eBay is
      quite a good way to sell hassle-free (as long as you are honest in
      the description of your car) and, if you set the start price or
      reserve right, you can only stand to gain if bids increase. Then
      again, selling through a Club advert means the car is more likely to
      go to an enthusiast, rather than someone out to make a quick buck
      who's not really bothered about the car itself.

      I would say that eBay is probably the quickest way, as auctions are
      over a set time period and once someone bids, there is legal binding
      for them to buy (although you can still get people messing you
      about). There may be a delay in submitting a club advert and it
      getting published. It all depends of course if you have the
      space/money to buy the new car first, then you can take more time
      over the sale of the old one. I had the latter but not the former! If
      you're going to advertise the car in the local paper or the
      Autotrader, I've always found that the Parker's guide price (£655 for
      an "above-average" '85 528iSE, by the way) is no use if everyone else
      is selling similar cars for less. Check what other people are pricing
      them at, and price accordingly. Most E28s in my local Freeads paper
      are between £300 and £500, but are mostly sheds (never viewed one,
      but I can guess).

      Good luck! By the way, German Swedish and French Car Parts are
      selling rear bumpers for E28s - a centre section is £23, each side
      section is £20. Their number is 020 8917 3801.
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