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  • cmarckelly
    May 31, 2002
      i do apoligise if i haven't been to the group recently due to the
      fact of my house sale down south.
      as you probaly guessed i've still haven't got a replacement car but i
      have been scanning the local adds and autotrader,e28's seen to be
      very cheap in the north of england,i've seen a e-reg 520i for £299,a
      few 518's,not many 528's,did see a m535i advertised in the autotrader
      a few weeks ago,needed tlc and a set of wheels going for £500 but i
      didn't have the money ,where i live in grimsby lincs you don't see
      many e28's ,so i've decided to keep looking i wouldn't mind a project
      car or one in mint condition,i've still got the gasket set and head
      bolts for my old 528ise in the cupboard unused may be one day i will
      have use for them.

      suffering with e28 withdrawl symptons
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