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520i looking for a new home

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  • Craig Newman
    Hi All, Well after 3 years of trying my wife has finally passed her driving test but she s decided that the 520i she asked me to buy her isn t what she wants
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2006
      Hi All,
      Well after 3 years of trying my wife has finally passed her driving test but she's decided that the 520i she asked me to buy her isn't what she wants to drive. She's decided to drive one of the other cars we own so as we have too many cars the 520 has to go.

      Some details...

      Let's start at the top, it's been unused for 18 months so it's SORN'd and it doesn't have an MOT so I'm viewing it as spares or repair and it won't pass an MOT without some work.
      A friend who does MOTs for a living advised me that their are 2 small areas of rust that are "fails" one by the front passenger side shock mount, it's not holed but because there is a crack showing he'd fail it, and the second on the rear of the inner wing (it was blocked with leaves when I got it and since clearing them out the water now runs away).
      There would be 2 advisories: both small plates on the rear of the sills that have been replaced previously but not protected/painted afterwards and they've rusted again, although I can't back this up with hard facts he estimated that the total welding would be less the 100 pounds.
      The only other thing I can think of that is wrong mechanically and would need fixing for the MOT is a slightly binding on front brake I'm sure that if run for a few miles it would free up but without the MOT I'm not risking taking it on the road to find out.

      Cosmetically the passenger wing is also rusted through but I have a replacement that will go with the car, there are a few scratches as you'd expect for a 1987 car but usable and fine for daily transport in fact exactly what the intended use was to be.

      Internally it's OK, not perfect but usable, I washed and refitted the seat covers that match quite well the tan interior but if I recall correctly I think it has the normal wear E28 drivers seats suffer from. It has carpet mats, fitted from new, and has the 3 spoke steering wheel, the stereo is an aftermarket unit and works fine, I can't remember if any of the electrics don't work as they should but I haven't checked them.

      What else? Oh yes it's grey, has approx 160,000 miles on the clock and I think it's had the dash battery PCB removed, but I could be mistaken. The wheels are the metric alloys with I think legal treads but again it's been a while since I checked so I can't guarantee that. It suffers from the 50 mph wheel vibration but "they all do that sir" unless the bushes have been replaced - is that still believed to be the source of the problem?

      Just so that you're aware before you take interest, the car is in Northumberland very close to Newcastle upon Tyne, and unless you are willing to break the law, will need to be trailered away, but that is your decision.

      Why don't I do it and use it? I'm working 10 hour days 6 days a week and I don't have the time to finish my Mk2 Escort so I'm realistic enough to accept that this won't ever get done.

      How much do I want for the car? To be honest I used it for about 8 months when I first got the car but since then it has been waiting upon my wife. I don't consider it stands me anything so I'm fine letting it go free to someone who will either sort and use it or can use the car to keep theirs going. I'd rather not scrap it, it's fine for everyday use with a bit of work and if I didn't have 4 other cars that's what I'd do.

      However I don't want to get into the position where someone says they want it then doesn't turn up to collect it, so 50 quid to prove you're interested and it's yours, but I'll want a bank transfer or a check ASAP.

      If you want more info drop me a line and I'll try and answer your questions.



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