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  • Hi all and thanks for all the help. Tonight I have found two perished hoses from the inlet manifold which may be causing the rough running. The other problem I am having, with the brake pressure warning light, could be the bomb. I've tried pumping the brake pedal quite a few times after reading a post in a forum about emtying the accumulator to find if its working. The fluid in the...
    markyboy2105112 Apr 27, 2006
  • Hi all. I have a 528i (UK) which I have just recently bought and wonder if anyone has had similar trouble. Firstly, the car is running rich (hoping to get it tuned in the next week or so) but also surges when I release the throttle a bit (ie start to decelarate). I also have the pressure warning light comes on when I press the brake pedal, but it goes off after I've pressed the...
    markyboy2105112 Apr 26, 2006