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  • did you get sorted if not try europarts in the uk, atb alan --- On Sat, 12/6/10, sheetfarofb wrote: From: sheetfarofb Subject: [bmw e28] affordable replacement camshaft for 1986 528e E28 with 2.7L ETA engine To: bmwe28@^$1 Date: Saturday, 12 June, 2010, 1:55 I am looking for a replacement camshaft for the 528e, but I have found no affordable aftermarket products. What are the...
    alan poulton Aug 23, 2010
  • check the circuit out,you will find it ends up in the printed circuit board of the instrument panel,and becomes electronic.I have the same fault and suspect it to be a solid state component failure,and a costly repair,I just ignore it and do regular visuals, aap. --- Blake Nancarrow wrote: --------------------------------- Trevor Sanders wrote: >My e28 does this also i do not know...
    alan poulton Mar 17, 2005
  • --- Chris Trevelyan wrote: Have a n '87 model 525E,UK spec.Break wear indication has a a transistorised circuit included in the dash printed circuit board,the quick fix is to remove the bulb and carry out regular visuals.Hope this is of help.aap. --------------------------------- Paul, Thanks - your probably right, I'll do a bit of cleaning and see what happens. Best Regards...
    alan poulton Nov 22, 2004