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  • Hello, 84 533i has a atart when it wants to issue, probably the ignition switch in the coloum but would like other thoughts.
    Tara Apr 4, 2005
  • yes Greg Epps wrote:may sound silly, but I had similar problems...every few days I had to jump it, although it never died while running. You've probably already checked it, but when I replaced the battery, all the problems went away... I also saw something on www.mye28.com about 18 year old fuses and contacts causing wierd electric problems...or was that on this list? On Thu, 21...
    tara thompson Oct 22, 2004
  • Check your wire harness feed at the back of your inst cluster. goodkarmechanic wrote: Wondered if anybody has experienced this problem? Sometimes the car dies and usually restarts, but then the clock has to be reset. Occasionally It has to be jumped like everything is dead. I've replaced all the fuses, and checked the power connections at the battery, to the power feed in the fuse...
    tara thompson Oct 21, 2004
  • Hello, now @48 to 52 mph intermitantly I have a bad shimy, what I've replaced- outer tie rod ends, lower controll arms (with ball joint) upper (heavy duty) thrust rod bushings, center link, idler arm, sway bar links, crazy amount of wheel balance configurations, rotates, no my tires are fine, also had road force balance, adjusted steering box, etc etc etc , Here is the real info 84...
    Tara Jul 21, 2004