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  • 1987 535i: Ever since I did a full suspension replacement (Bilsteins), the front right area has developed a clunking sound. I've checked the cartridge, the springs, the lower and upper control arm bushings and found nothing that would cause the sound. I do know that one of the exhaust hangers is broken but I can't imagine that causing all the noise. Many thoughts?
    ayer4ce1 Mar 16, 2009
  • John, That's what I've concluded. I have the open end box wrench but my arm does not bend at the right places to get under the manifold (I need to bend at the mid-point of my forearm... very painful prospect... not one I anticipate doing). I guess the only other option is to take it to the BMW mechanic in town and pay the cost. Thanks for the recommendation, though. Best regards...
    Kevin Ayer Oct 16, 2006
  • Hello, Does anyone have any ideas on how I can remove and replace the cold start valve on my 1988 535i (E28)? For the life of me, I cannot figure out how to access the two bolts that hold in the cold start valve. The bolt heads are too close to the cold start valve housing so I am having difficulty finding a tool to remove them. Thanks, Kevin...
    Kevin Ayer Oct 7, 2006
  • Folks, The cold start valve (CSV) on my 1988 535i leaks on start-up but not after. I have the Bosch replacement but I'm having a heck of time figuring out how to remove the existing CSV. I really do not want to remove the intake manifold if I can help it. Any suggestions? Thanks, Kevin __________________________________________________ Do You Yahoo!? Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has...
    Kevin Ayer Sep 26, 2006