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  • Others may have this problem. I have a 1988 BMW 535is (actually manufactured in 4/87). This year the state of California required me to have a "Smog Test" performed (a $90 rip-off for a 10 min test and inspection). Took my car to the local smog test place and the car passed the emissions test but ending up failing because "your check engine light is not operating". The tech pointed...
    bassfishman Jan 14, 2006
  • I have a 1988 535is and had a bad misfire at around 2000 RPM especially after the engine idled for a few minutes at a stop light. I changed the oxygen sensor, plugs, plug wires, distributor cap and rotor, and fuel filter and none of those things solved the problem. I then changed the fuel pressure regulator and that solved the problem. I would try that first. --- In bmwe28@^$1...
    bassfishman Apr 6, 2004