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  • If its a manual, just pull out the gear gaiter and push them out from underneath, otherwise I would imagine you take the cover off where the auto selector shift is. I own a manual so its easy Paul 1986 528i Aylsham, Norfolk --- skyfly44kk wrote: > > > Who knows the removal technique to pull defective > switches without > damaging the shift console area? > thanks > > > > > > To...
    Paul Sharp Apr 5, 2005
  • I have a set of 16" wheels for sale as I need the money for tyres for my 17" alpina replica wheels. Pictures of them are at http://www.sharpy.smugmug.com and will sell them for £250 anyone interested ring me on 07717 216097 or e-mail me at beemerbat@^$1. Will not post out of UK and will send them by courrier for next day delivery at £60 Paul Sharp, Aylsham, Norfolk, UK
    Paul Sharp Mar 30, 2005
  • Marc, If you get performance BMW latest edition, my car is also in the readers cars section. Paul --- cmarckelly wrote: > > > congratulations to pete thorpe as his alpina b9 is > featured in march > edition of total bmw magazine,its a very good > article,you can all > see pete's car in the photo gallery. > > marc > > > > > > To unsubscribe from this group, send an email to...
    Paul Sharp Feb 18, 2005
  • Guys, I just typed it from a computer in my local library and it loaded up no problem http://www.sharpy.smugmug.com, try typing it in at the top of the internet browser screen Paul --- andrew graham wrote: > > no it is not..... so can anyone help me out? i > really need it..... 16" bbs rims > > James Hills > wrote:http//www.sharpy.smugmug.com > is not a valid link?? > > Regards...
    Paul Sharp Feb 16, 2005
  • Andrew, 16" Alessio sport 5 spoke wheels Paul --- andrew graham wrote: > > 16" what.....what type of rims? im currently looking > for 16" BBS rims for my 87 535is...... anyone > selling or anyone know a great place to buy these > type of rims for cheap? > -Andrew > > andrew graham wrote:16" > what..... im currently looking for 16" BBS rims for > my 87 535is...... anyone selling or...
    Paul Sharp Feb 16, 2005
  • Not sure about 20" wheels going on, but I know 18" wheels will - mine is currently on 16's at the moment but am considering putting 18" M-Parallel replicas on my 86 528i which is also lowered by 35mm using apex springs and Jamex uprated shocks all round. My pics can be viewed at http//www.sharpy.smugmug.com. Hope that helps you a bit Paul Aylsham, Norfolk, UK --- mista_car4 wrote...
    Paul Sharp Feb 15, 2005
  • Anyone got a spare pair of black shadowline rear light clusters they want to get rid of as I need another pair as I have got a set of clear front and rear indicators coming from sweden and want a spare set to get the orange indicator lenses taken out for when they arrive next week Paul, Aylsham, Norfolk 86 528i
    Paul Sharp Dec 31, 2004
  • Hi Niall I have purchased a set of clear front and rear indicators from Sweden for £96.00 including shipping but he only has two sets left. His web address is http://www.algonet.se/~kinnby/. Hope this helps you Paul - E28 528i(86) --- niallgrimwood wrote: > > > i need help locating a set of clear front indicators > for my 87 m535i > e28,do they still exist or still available as...
    Paul Sharp Dec 18, 2004
  • Have been on the phone to all the suppliers that I can find and can't get hold of a set of clear front indicators for my 528i. If anyone knows where I can get hold of a set (whether in the UK or US) I would be very appreciative. Paul Sharp, '86 528i, Aylsham, Norfolk, UK
    Paul Sharp Oct 13, 2004
  • Hi, I had the same problem with my '86 528i and it was the speed transmitter attached to the rear differential. Check the connections to it, if that doesn't alter it, then get another speed transmitter, they are £15.00 from BMW dealers. Hope that helps you. Paul Sharp Aylsham, Norfolk, UK --- griffinaffelsauce wrote: > is this common? > any ideas what it could be? > > > > To...
    Paul Sharp Aug 16, 2004