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  • I just created it today and it covers essentially every model BMW. I'm still working working out the edges but it is up and running 100%. Also,I sure could use some moderators due to the amount of forums if anyone is interested.Even if you are not interested in joining,you are more than welcome to visit.Thanks for your time. If you do choose to join,you will need a photo host such...
    benznut450 Jan 6, 2006
  • ----------------------------------------------------------------- benznut450 sent you this eBay item. Personal message: What do you guys think of this setup?How much is too much to bid/spend for this...
    eBay Member: benznut450@yahoo.com Aug 2, 2005
  • --- In bmwe28@^$1, "benznut450" wrote: > For those facing this now > http://www.unofficialbmw.com/e36/electrical/e36_reset_service_lights.h > tml > > Most BMW models covered sorry try this www.unofficialbmw.com/e36/electrical/e36_reset_service_lights.html
    benznut450 Jul 26, 2005
  • For those facing this now http://www.unofficialbmw.com/e36/electrical/e36_reset_service_lights.h tml Most BMW models covered
    benznut450 Jul 26, 2005
  • Dire need of wing,nose piece,passenger(US)light assembly, kidneys and trim that goes in center of bumper.Thank you in advance Regards David
    benznut450 Jun 29, 2005
  • Temperature sensor 1 & 2 and circuits, connector tube and do an injector flow test.This assuming you have L jetronic. LH Jetronic or Motronic,check the coolant temperature sensor,connector tube and do an injector flow test. David mrktace wrote: iv been using my e28 for a while and now i sundenly have this idle problem. when in idle the RPM plays around from 800 to 1600. i tried...
    david patterson Jun 21, 2005
  • 91 octane and Bosch Supers spark plugs are the right combination! Steer clear of those single electrode platinum spark plugs because they,well suck for Bosch fuel injection !! If you feel the need for a platinum plug ,go with a muliple electrode type. I'm a purist when it comes to ignition and injection parts and always recommend that you use Bosch parts! okareka12000 wrote: G'day...
    david patterson Jun 6, 2005
  • Start with the cold start injector(valve)!Also inspect the thermo time switch as this is what gives the cold start injector its ground to operate! The injectors on the other hand need the pulsed ground from ECU to spray.No REAL EASY way to test but to remove the fuel rail but I am still leaning towards the cold start injector!!!Do this with engine cold because the cold start...
    david patterson Jun 6, 2005
  • It sounds more like you are experiencing leaking injectors! As it sets overnight,the rest pressure pushes the fuel into combustion chamber and when you fire it up the next day,there is an overabundance of fuel and the result is initial rich running that goes away after a few moments.Plus this is hell on your cat if applicable! David okareka12000 wrote: G'day everyone,On the...
    david patterson Jun 5, 2005
  • No problem,and look at the bright side,at least you won't have to replace the starter for a while now! David scott Newe wrote: Heyh David Thanks I found the problem My bottom Ground for the Engine to the Frame was rotted almost complete through. I replaced that and it fixed the problem thanks a bunch --- david patterson wrote: > Are your battery terminals tight on the post of...
    david patterson May 29, 2005