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  • Hi All, The problems that you are all describing are not uncommon. Steering shudder at about 47-50 MPH (75-80)KPH. This is often caused by the failure of bushes in the steering/suspension. The answer is to get the bushes replaced. You can use the original standard bushes or you can get a superior type that also lasts much longer from Frank Fahey Motorsport. www...
    Jeff Johns Sep 26, 2006
  • Hi Mort, I have done a similar mod to my wife's E28 M5 with lowering and Bilsteins. I replaced the original wheels with BMW 17 X 8s. They were genuine BMW wheels so I do not know what the offset is. This allowed me to upgrade the brakes. I now have 4 spot calipers all round with harger diameter two piece disks on the fromt and vented rear E39 disks on the rear. It stops verry well...
    Jeff Johns Dec 23, 2005
  • Hi, I am trying to get a complete high level brake light assembly, but they were never fitted to E28s in Australia. I do not care whether I have to get new or used. If anyone has one spare I would like to buy it, if not could someone please find out the part numbers for the components for me. Once I have the part numbers I can order the components from my local BMW dealer. The...
    Jeff Johns Dec 19, 2005