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  • You will need to remove the drive shaft and yes you can simply replace the center support. However, because there is another "wear" part, the guibo which connects the drive shaft to the transmission is a good thing to replace at the same time. It depends on if you have more time than money because at some point in time the guibo will wear out also. To replace that center support...
    Larry R. Jul 16, 2010
  • I had an ABS code come on in an E30 and it turned out that the connector was filled with crap from years of braking. The connectors are located on the front driver's side caliper and on the rear. Look for the line on the front axle to see what it looks like. I recall it was about a 6mm line wrench or something small to remove it and then I cleaned it with brake cleaner and shot a...
    Larry R. Feb 10, 2010
  • 1. I love the 732is. That is a Euro only and as far as I know, the only 7 series that came with ellipsoid headlights. Where are you located? There are seveal cars here in Dallas with body panels ready to be taken off. 2. The Sixer. Again, where are you located? This is a world wide email list and unless you tell us where you live or where the car is located, we won't know if we...
    Larry R. May 12, 2009
  • No they are not hard to remove. Just a lot of nuts and bolts. Some tight spots and flat wrenches can really help. Cordless drill with nut drivers speed it up even more. Can folks please remove the extra stuff from your posts so it is easier to read and find what you are posting?
    Larry R. Apr 28, 2009
  • BTW, there are 2 E28's in that yard with power Recaro seats. Black. One is in much better shape that the other one, the white car has VERY good seats. They charge $40 USD per seat. I haven't pulled one from a car in a long time. I know using a battery you can move the seats back to get to the bolts. Back seats to match are both near mint. They want 30 for each part, (30 for back...
    Larry R. Apr 15, 2009
  • Folks, Not sure if anyone else is close to Dallas, TX, but I was at the Pick n Pull junkyard and they have a white E28 with both the front air dam and the trunk spoiler still attached. I've seen people really dress up other models with these two items. I don't need them but figured if anyone was around and close, they might. Larry
    Larry R. Apr 14, 2009
  • Where are the two cars that are for sale located? City and state? Are they in Europe or the US? [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Larry R. Jan 6, 2009
  • oops, hit reply by mistake "Larry R." wrote: Date: Mon, 28 Apr 2008 23:15:56 -0700 (PDT) From: "Larry R." Subject: Re: [bmw e28] Digest Number 1377 To: No Reply http://www.programainc.com/doc/BMW.html Contains a list of the cars that ur control unit fits. That site will also fix your original unit. Most US places that get repaired SI boards actually get them from this place and I...
    Larry R. Apr 28, 2008
  • Metrics were also used on a US Ford Mustang I believe. I sold a set of 390 tires on Ebay and a Mustang owner bought them. --------------------------------- Catch up on fall's hot new shows on Yahoo! TV. Watch previews, get listings, and more! [Non-text portions of this message have been removed]
    Larry R. Sep 13, 2007
  • I have found a couple things that contribute to most all BMWs to overheat. 1. Use of the wrong formula fluid. Never use the cheap green fluid. BMW spec fluid does not have phosphates because phosphates react to the aluminum that is in the heater core and internal to the radiator. Over time it corrodes and creates a white sort of powder that clogs up the internal fins. It is one...
    Larry R. Aug 15, 2007