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  • Hi Everyone I have been having some problems with the brakes in my M535i and was wondering whether anyone else had some information on the problem. I over the last few months the pedal has become quite spongey and if I press hard enough for long enough I can press it all the way to the floor. Also if the brakes haven't been used for 20 mins or so when I next press it, it feels like...
    dkmassive1 Aug 22, 2005
  • Thanks for the advice. I will chase up the part today. Just one more question. Should hot air should come out of all the vents? At the moment I'm just getting hot air through the vents on top of the dash. There is not warm air at all coming through the vents in the centre of the dash on top of where the stereo is. Cheers David --- In bmwe28@^$1, Greg Epps wrote: > Your heater...
    dkmassive1 Jul 6, 2005
  • Hi Everyone This is the first winter with my E28 M535i and I'm finding that it is struggling to keep me warm. The heating system works fine below about 60kmh, but over that the air temp gets cooler the faster I go. Has anyone had any similar problems? The engine temp seems pretty stable at all speeds and everything seems in good order under the bonnet. Any ideas or solutions...
    dkmassive1 Jul 5, 2005
  • Hi Everyone I have a M535i and unfortunately I have just backed into a bollard. The impact has put a dent in my back bumper. Is this a seperate part to the rest of the rear section or is it a part of the complete rear section? Am I right in assuming that it is made of plastic as well? The impact has pushed a dent up and in towards the back of the car. I have a small rubber mallet...
    dkmassive1 May 1, 2005
  • Hello Has anyone had problems with a slight shudder or vibration from the rear of the drive line on take off? Any ideas what it might be? Cheers DKMassive 1986 M535i
    dkmassive1 Apr 10, 2005
  • --- In bmwe28@^$1, Gil Thereault wrote: > Hello, In the near future I intend to swap out > my original 3.25 LSD differential with a 3.46 LSD > that came out of a 85 735i. I read the Bentley > manual and everything seams pretty straight up. > Any helpful suggestions come to mind will be > appreciated. Does this diff require the changing > of the axle flanges and the rear cover...
    dkmassive1 Apr 4, 2005
  • Hello Yesterday the fan for my airconditioner and heater stopped working. But today it seems to be working again. Is this a common problem? My car has done 210 000kms so I suppose it must be due for replacement? Anyone had any similar expirences? Cheers DK
    dkmassive1 Mar 1, 2005
  • --- In bmwe28@^$1, Phil Davis wrote: > Hello: That is the oil filter, the assembly of the > filter in the canister and the quality of the insert > is important. If all else fails buy it at the dealer. > OE brands are European Mann and Kenekt. Do not > sacrifice quality to save $$ here. Change with every > oil service as you would any oil filter. Good luck - > thats a sweet machine...
    dkmassive1 Feb 28, 2005
  • --- In bmwe28@^$1, Phil Davis wrote: > Hello: couple questions - have you changed wheel and > tire size? Does the miles driven seem to be in order? > I know of know way they can be recalibrated. > Phil Yes I have changed wheels and tires. But the odometer and speedo are exact to 1km over 100km. I run 16 inch wheels with 225x50 tyres. So I think there are no problems there. Cheers...
    dkmassive1 Feb 28, 2005
  • Hello My fuel consumption and my range functions on my trip computer on my M535i's both seem to be out of calibration. Does anyone know if they can be re-calibrated or reset? Cheers DKMassive
    dkmassive1 Feb 28, 2005