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  • On an 85 e28 535i. In neutral, slight (to full) pressure on clutch pedal and I hear a whining noise that has gotten a lot louder in the last day. Is it a failing throw out bearing? The car has 137Kmi, and as far I know, the original clutch. ACK! TIA -doug
    Doug Dykaar Apr 23, 2004
  • I managed to break the clutch pedal return spring on reinstallation of the clutch master. I now have a little dead zone in the clutch pedal, i.e. I can lift up on the pedal. I put in another return spring, but it didn't change the rest position of the pedal. Is the dead zone the result of an incomplete clutch bleed? Bad Karma? Any body driving without the return spring? I always...
    Doug Dykaar Apr 22, 2004
  • I recently bought a set of wheels from a 750 to put on my 85 e28 535, and they didn't come with center caps. The wheels are "ORIGINAL FIN STYLE" 8JX16 H2 - 1 181 841. Question: Do all BMW center caps fit these wheels? TIA.
    Doug Dykaar Apr 5, 2004
  • dave, Check the O2 sensor. The wires on mine fell off. Could also be the fuel pressure regulator. Had that too. Similar symptoms. -doug Can any one help me solve an engine misfire on my 1986 528ise auto. Ive already checked the injectors and changed the ECU. Any info would be very much appreciated.
    Doug Dykaar Apr 4, 2004
  • Nico, The voltage will oscillate w/ a few second duty cycle only when you're right at the set temperature. When my valve failed, it would cycle hot and cold at random. Amazingly, its a trivial part to replace, being located at the top rear, drivers side of the engine bay. Normally any broken part requires the car to be removed from the part, but only after removing (and breaking) a...
    Doug Dykaar Feb 25, 2004
  • http://racecarsdirect.com/cars/details.asp?id=9633&cat=0
    Doug Dykaar Feb 4, 2004
  • You can add spacers, BUT you need to make sure the lugs are long enough. What you CAN'T do is decrease the offset by maching the wheel. That reduces the the amount of metal the lug has to seat on, and thats bad. Below is a file I got from I forget where, summarizing what fits and sources for the info. Iys cut and paste from excel, so if you put it back into a spreadsheet, it should...
    Doug Dykaar Jan 31, 2004
  • ...doug -----Original Message----- From: Bob Kegel [mailto:bobkegel@^$1] Sent: Saturday, December 06, 2003 6:12 PM To: BMW Digest Cc: dykaar@^$2 Subject: RE: [bmw e28] Door hanging procedure? On Sat, 6 Dec 2003, at 13:08:03 Doug Dykaar wrote: > The doors on my e28 are...
    Doug Dykaar Dec 9, 2003
  • The doors on my e28 are getting harder to latch over time. They used to close so nice, now itsa slam. I hate that. I'm worried that if I loosen the striker plate on the door frame and move it arbitrarily, I'll make it worse. Its not obvious how to go about readjusting the location. Anybody BTDT? TIA. -doug
    Doug Dykaar Dec 6, 2003
  • After R&R on the clutch master, I discovered that I didn't get the clutch pedal return spring back in properly. I made this discovery when the spring assembly spontaneously disassembled and the pieces fell on my feet while I was driving. I broke the rod end that holds the assembly together. Without it, the pedal feels about the same, although it doesn't quite return to to the full...
    Doug Dykaar Nov 20, 2003