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  • > 1) Central locking does not work at all..... Can't help with this one! > 2) Cruise control simply does not work....... Any problems with the instrument cluster? Do all your service lights work? I may be wrong but I understand that if the SI batteries are knackered the cruise control won't work. > 3) headlamp washer/wiper system.... This is an easy fix, remove and place in...
    yonkyjonah Jan 27, 2005
  • Hi, I'm interested in the car, can you let me have a contact number? Or, you can contact me at eh_wot@^$1 or 07879 612171. Regards, Andrew
    yonkyjonah Dec 20, 2004
  • --- In bmwe28@^$1, Ed MacVaugh wrote: > North American spec bumpers are anodised (anodized here in the US) > aluminium (aluminium for you). Rest of the world received useless thin > sheet metal ones, chromium plated for some cars, painted for the M5. > > Ed Ed, my God, your so right, my thin sheet metal bumpers are soooo useless! That's it, I must get hold of some of the North...
    yonkyjonah Oct 6, 2004
  • rpipoet84 wrote: CAN ANYONE TELL ME THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN AN ALPINA E28 AND A M5 E28? ALSO WHERE COULD I FIND THE AERO BUMPERS? FRONT AND BACK. I THINK THEY LOOK BETTER THAN THE AMERICAN VERSION. ANYWHERE ON THE WEB WHERE THEY SELL THEM? The major difference between the Alpina and M5 is the engine. (The following power figures apply to European cars) The Alpina E28 uses a tuned...
    yonkyjonah Aug 12, 2004
  • Hi, whereabouts are you located? I have the front bib-spoiler from an m535i, not perfect, but not bad. I am in Staffordshire, UK. >"Mark M" wrote: > I was just wondering if anyone has any bumper/spoilers from an > m535i. TIA > Mark
    yonkyjonah May 15, 2004